As an undergraduate coordinator of the B.Sc. Management Studies programme at the UWI’s Faculty of Social Sciences, I have been trying to find ways to advise students more effectively. Most student interactions with me are one-on-one and (if we are addressing issues such as academic warnings, personal challenges, study approaches, or resume writing) can easily run into an hour or more. It is not likely that I can make enough of an impact if I limit myself to in-person meetings since my advising is being offered in a department of several hundred students (not counting the many students who take our courses from other FSS departments and other faculties).

With this blog, I hope that useful information can be shared more openly with potential advisees and others who may benefit. The information is intended to be simply presented and easy to understand and use. I plan to treat with issues such as resume writing, time management, learning styles, study skills, presentation skills, and continual improvement – topics that I expect will help you to perform better and enjoy your time more during your university studies.

The target audience for my blog articles is undergraduate students, but many posts will be useful to postgraduate students as well as working people. I will post blog articles from time to time, and I would appreciate your comments, questions and suggestions.

Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon